Insurance Solutions for the Australian Medical Sector

In these modern times, medical firms and organisations are faced with an almost unprecedented volume of regulation and technology which puts many patients blindly in the driving seat. This can prove dangerous with individuals self diagnosing (i.e. “Dr Google”). It is important that you don’t do the same with your insurances and entrust someone who understands you, your industry and insurance, just as you would like your patients to rely on you and not “Dr. Google”.

At Medico Insurance, we truly understand the unique exposures that you both as an individual but also as someone responsible for running a business in the medico industry are confronted with. Therefore, we take pride in providing a wide selection of insurance solutions to bring you the best insurance coverage.

While you work for improving the health of your patients, let us manage the insurance side of your organisation. After all, your satisfaction is the top-most priority of our company. If either you personally or your medical firm need insurance cover, it’s time for you to avail yourself of our insurance services. We will create an insurance program suited to your needs, and provide you additional support throughout the life of our partnership including risk management consulting.

Why Choose Us?

You may wonder whether choosing us would be a worthy decision, especially considering that you have dealt with your existing broker or insurer for many years. Considering that insurance can add up to a considerable expense and you need to ensure that there’s no blind faith at play (think of the consequences if things go wrong and you are not covered as you hoped). We assure you that when you partner with us, your interests are always placed foremost in our thoughts – another reason why the list of clients trusting their insurance to us continues to grow. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why choosing us is the right decision:

  • We strive to give you that extra edge through our competitive premiums.
  • We don’t charge to quote (so you can make absolutely certain that your current premium is the best)
  • We only work with APRA regulated insurers
  • Our insurance policies are constantly reviewed, updated and revised to ensure relevance for the medico industry
  • We assure a prompt response to all telephone and email enquiries
  • As we specialise in medicos, we understand the issues that you face

Get In Touch With Us Today!

For more information about our solutions or to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us on 1300 MED INS (1300 633 467). It is a decision that will leave you wishing you had done so sooner.